Navagent -- Professional Services

Navagent, Inc provides consulting in the areas of:

 * Custom search and research services
 * Training for Navagent and other tools
 * Enterprise Integration of Navagent and other tools
 * Development of custom agents for the enterprise

Navagent engagement managers can help you devise a comprehensive low cost information intelligence gathering and alerts strategy. Navagent can rapidly execute the custom development of search, retrieval and event alert applications.

Our staff adapts our robust core software application tools and technologies to quickly deploy the exact information theater you need to meet your needs.

Navagent can help you achieve immediate results for your requirements relating to mission critical commercial market tracking, industrial data collection, systems analysis, decision support, threshold alerts, government database research, scientific research, or education.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will help you analyze your needs and will provide you a staged detailed estimate for requirements, consulting, engineering development, network deployment, staff training and upgrades. Call Bill Moulton or Steve Wolff at (415) 457-6659

We believe you will find Navagent Business Services are highly competitive, and if we cannot meet your requirements scope, we can refer you to several qualified firms focused on the enterprise that can meet your needs.

Navagent can also integrate world class value-added services from third party vendors and partners into end-to-end solutions, including:
 * Text-to-Voice Email via Phone Services
 * Cell Phone Alert Services
 * Internet Secure Phone Services
 * Custom Intranet User Interfaces
 * Custom Browser Applications

 * Carrier Class Internet Client Applications Solutions for:
- Internet (Desktops, Browsers, Bookmarks)
- Communication (Email, Instant Messaging, Collaboration)
- Personal Information Management (File Storage, Contacts)
- Identity Management (Password Storage, Form Auto-fill)


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