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Integration Resources
Navagent is partnering with a number of companies to provide service resources to complement the Surf3D and SearchOps product offerings. Navagent's partners will help you integrate world class value-added services for end-to-end information theater solutions, including:

  • Text-to-Voice email alerts via cell phone
  • PDA browser and email alerts
  • Internet secure phones
  • Custom intranet user interfaces
  • Custom browser applications
  • Carrier class client internet desktops and dynamic bookmarks
  • Communication - email, instant messaging, collaboration
  • Personal information management - file storage, contacts
  • Identity Management - password storage, form auto-fill
    Please contact Navagent for more information about Partner Service Resources.

    Surf3D PowerPoint Presentation
    A 15 slide PowerPoint presentation on Surf3D data mining applications and engine architecture. Surf3D PowerPoint Presentation

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