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Click on any image below to view it full size. Surf3D screensaver agents display views of the web as cyberspace. Web pages are represented by using nodes, links, symbols, shapes and different alternate layouts. Each cyberspace view emphasizes different information features found within all the web pages shown. Nodes or bars or pyramids represent web pages. The color of the node can represent search evaluation status, number of associated links, or common text in URL labels. In addition, text label flags can be attached any node.

Nodes and symbols are spread in 3D space differently depending on the display type used. Display types include Fan tree, Sphere constellation, domain or topic Zones, or Metric quantities in three axes. You can see many web pages at once as a collection of color coded nodes, spires, and links to get an at-a-glace overview of the region of cyberspace you are searching and drilling. Gradient colors, node symbol sizes, and bar height or pyramid height can represent different quantities of word counts.

In the agent display window of the software, you can point and click on any 3D node symbol or bar or pyramid and it will highlight that node. You can then immediately open the browser to that particular web page. Web views are shown building up in real-time as the search is ongoing, and the display animates and rotates according to your preference. You can also fly through the web space like a flight simulator.

The software provides a display control panel so you can design and save your own preferred views of collections of web pages and their associated information. Each view shown below is an example web space visualization with node text flags removed. To see examples of text flags on nodes go to the main or pages.


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