Navagent -- EarthQuake

is a simple and easy to use desktop display of the world's last 20 significant earthquakes.

Just download, install, and launch while you are online!

EarthQuake contacts the USGS and gathers the latest quake data, and then plots it onto a spinning globe for your desktop.

Quickly customize the style display you want to see.

Hear a bell when a new quake occurs somewhere in the world.

  • See the depth of the quake
  • See quake clusters
  • Sort by Richter scale quake magnitude
  • When the Earth quakes, you will see it on desktop globe window.

Informative, colorful, animated and FUN.

Screenshots show sample quake displays and the EarthQuake user interface control panel. For larger , click on the pictures.

250k ZIP file download
For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

[Download now]

For the high resolution and enhanced $20 Pay version of
Earthquake, go to our sister site BIG SOFTWARE

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