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Surf3D Pro   $FREE Buy  Eval Beta
The Search & Visualization Tool
Supercharge your browser and your search engine. Surf3D Pro lets anyone scour the web for images, news, lists, auctions, MP3's, PDF documents, and web page summaries. Surf3D Pro works with most search engines, including Google. Users can convert large lists of search results into cyberspace. The program shows networks of nodes and links, color, shapes, symbols and captions to highlight sought after information. Search results and web sites can be navigated as 3D cyberspace in real-time, with visual depth, and users can fly through collections of pages like a flight simulator. You can set up email alerts for almost any web page.
Now: Free Beta Version
After Beta period expires: $69.95 for a new user, $49.95 for a registered Beta user.
Surf3D Pro Support Package Ask Buy Eval Beta
Let Navagent help you build Search Agents
Navagent's professionals will help you with your Agent construction. Get productive agents to pay off and learn Surf3D Pro at the same time!

Please contact us to tailor a support package customized for your needs

EarthQuake  $FREE Buy Eval Demo
Agent Standalone Applications
EarthQuake desktop animated earthquake globe.
Watch the earth turn and see the most recent quakes at a glance. EarthQuake is a simple and easy to use desktop display of the world's last 20 significant earthquakes. Just download, install, and launch while you are online! EarthQuake contacts the USGS and gathers the latest quake data, and then plots it onto a spinning globe for your desktop. Quickly customize the style display you want to see. Hear a bell when a new quake occurs somewhere in the world. See the depth of the quake. See quake clusters. You can sort by how recent the quake or by Richter scale quake magnitude. When the earth quakes, you will see it on your desktop globe window.
SearchOps   Ask  Buy Eval Beta
Professional Search System & Tools
The professional search operations tool for business enterprise and government. The SearchOps authoring environment can help you rapidly develop custom search, retrieval and event alert agents. SearchOps lets you devise and deploy a flexible, desktop and server side information intelligence gathering and alerts strategy. Navagent can help you achieve immediate results for your requirements for mission critical commercial market tracking, industrial data collection, systems analysis, decision support, threshold alerts, government database research, scientific research, and cultural analysis. For complex applications, Navagent staff can quickly adapt the robust core tool set to construct the real-time information alerts theater you need to stay on top.
Please contact Navagent for information about SearchOps.
Search and Info Agents $FREE Buy Eval Beta
Focused Agents and Agent Applications
Navagent is constantly adding new focused agents and agent applications. for different web watching and harvesting jobs.

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