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Screensaver Brings Animated Cyberspace to Web Search
SAN RAFAEL, Calif., April 4, 02 - Navagent, Inc., a new software start-up, announced today the release of a novel web search tool that works as a screensaver.  Surf3D creates animated three-dimensional views of web search so you can see an overview and preview of web destinations.
The software lets anyone scour the web for images, news, lists, auctions, MP3's, PDF documents, and web page summaries. Surf3D works with most search engines, including Google. Users can convert large lists of search results into cyberspace. The program shows networks of nodes and links, color, shapes, symbols and captions to highlight sought after information. Search results and web sites can be navigated as cyberspace with visual depth, and users can fly through collections of pages like a flight simulator.
"By visualizing search results and web sites as networks, constellations and landscapes, surfers get to drill into volumes of pages more intuitively," said Bill Moulton, President of Navagent. "Surf3D converts the tedious activity of clicking through long lists into a much more efficient and lively experience. Relevant information becomes visually more obvious, esthetic and dynamic. Users get a perspective on whats really out there and save themselves lots of time zeroing in on what they want."  
Surf3D can be enjoyed as a fun screensaver, or it can be tasked to save time and increase the quality of search results from any search engine or web site. Surf3D is designed for non-programmers, and can be quickly customized.  The Surf3D software is currently available as a public beta freeware download from, and runs on all versions of Windows.  It uses OpenGL graphics and does not require a VRML viewer.
"Surf3D can be likened to a SETI-Online screensaver for the individual, for anyone who is in search of information on the web," said Moulton.  "It's part of a new software genre - productivity screensavers - and has been designed with the individual home user in mind. It makes searching the web more stimulating, artistic and interesting".
Intelligent agents find, analyze and retrieve documents and media from popular web sites. The software comes with a large collection of screensaver module search agents, which are tuned for many different popular web sites and search engine sites. Users get unlimited email web alerts, and can watch message boards, track industries, drill down into websites, or mine search engine results. Agents are quickly configured to collect documents, media and extract text from almost any web page.
Users see at-a-glance overviews of many pages at once, and can preview pages before having to actually visit them using a browser. Collections of web pages are visualized as networks in three-dimensions, with color showing relevance, shape showing discovery status, and size showing different focuses. 
Surf3D can use a standard internet browser to import a starting point for visualizing and drilling into collections of linked pages and documents. As visualizations are constructed and animated in real-time, users can point and click on any page node in cyberspace, and the browser will open to the web page. 
The free software download includes dozens of screensaver module search agents for different popular sites. Search agents can be specialized for particular websites, or can roam through many sites and harvest information for later offline browsing. Surf3D generates concentrated HTML reports of searches.  Users can shrink their surfing time to get at information they want from news sites such as ABC or BBC or Fox, search engine results from Google or MSN, auction data and pictures from eBay, text extracts from Yahoo message boards, and government information from NASA, US Census, US Patent, or Thomas Congressional bill databases.
About Navagent:

Navagent was founded by Bill Moulton, Richard Wolton and Steve Wolff in 2000 to develop time saving visual navigation tools for consumer and business web users.

Navagent's patent pending technology helps web users streamline many of the browsing challenges they face by exploiting a two-fold approach: (1) using personalized search agents to automate browsing tasks, and (2) using animated information visualization to quickly preview large numbers of web pages at once.  With Surf3D, personal search agents are combined with visual data mining, and reports and alerts to any device, delivering a consumer and business solution for increasing web search productivity. The company provides consulting services to enterprises and institutions wanting to build custom focus suites of information agents for business intelligence and retrieval applications.

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