Navagent -- Partners

Navagent partners with other technology and services companies to help our customers take advantage of new business intelligence, professional intelligence, and science intelligence opportunities afforded by Navagent offerings.

Navagent partners integrate their products and services with Navagent technology for finding, visualizing, analyzing and reporting information from unstructured sources on the internet and linked information database resources.

Development Partners include system integration partners and engineering consultants who work with Navagent to customize, implement and deliver software solutions built to customer requirements.

Technology Partners work with Navagent to build integrated software solution offerings. Working closely together Navagent and its partners supporting technologies are integrated to deliver effective, highly scalable solutions. Content management solution services, database vendors, and application server partners work with Navagent to produce headache-free applications to customers.

Solution Partners include value-added resellers that help to develop and deploy time-to-market customized applications using Navagent technologies and their own solution offerings for customers. Solution partners can include search engine firms, engineering consulting firms, news services, portals, and enterprise intranet solution vendors.

Navagent's over-riding partnering philosophy is to only offer world-class, best-of-breed partner solutions to its customers. All development, technology and solution partner candidates undergo rigorous management and technical evaluation and qualification.

Collaborative team management assures Navagent customers are delivered application solutions that are reliable, scalable, efficient, effective for users, and easy to maintain and service.

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