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Search, Retrieve, View, Review, Alert

Navagent executes a Discover, Analyze, Summarize and Report process:

Search Penetrate where search engines leave off
Retrieval Bring back any web file and preview
Navigation See all hits at-a-glance
Analysis Metrics and ranking the way you want
Notification Be updated anywhere, anytime
Delivery Concentrated click-free browsing
Privacy Maximum fair-use content access
Personalization Easy to create and use specialty agents

Personalize and Self-Customize
Navagent lets non-programmers configure their own search agents to discover, analyze and create summaries of web news, files and any web content they want, and be notified and alerted when and where they want about it. Just point Navagent anywhere on the net to search and retrieve what, where and when you want, automatically. Discover how fun and easy it is to navigate 3D search space. Navagent retrieves your target information files and content off the web using your own personal search engine. Navagent is a stand alone application, with optional web services.

Web Harvesting
Navagent is a powerful web content harvester for the individual user. It can gather your preferred web page content such as pictures or movies or flash presentations or any web accessible file from any web site. It can gather and create news text extracts and summaries from a web page based on what you are searching for. You can look for a file type, associated search terms, file size and download count, and automatic discovery and downloading for off line browsing and use. What makes Navagent unique is the ability to not only watch it weave its web while it searches or monitors the web privately from your desktop, but is how it be customized to find and selectively download almost any conceivable file type for off-line browsing.

Hot Agents
Navagent provides many dozens of cool specialty Navagent agents you can download as they become available on the web site. You can even contribute your own Navagent agents. Most popular agents will be regularly updated on the Navagent web site, and users can receive notifications when certain new agents are posted. Agents will soon be listed by website, subject category, number of downloads, and feedback ratings popularity. For the Hot Agents download page
click HERE.

Smart Alerts
Navagent provides free email alerts to Navagent users. Navagent information agents can look for and watch for anything you want on the web, even look for rates of change, and alert you wherever you are. Navagent is developing 'all-destination' services so users can have their alerts and smart automatic web browsing summary reports can be posted to websites, sent via email, instant messaging, fax, phone, PDA, and alphanumeric or numeric pagers. Navagent offers specialty destination and report formatting services to business application clients. But for the rest of us, we can use desktop Navagent as a productivity screensaver performing personalized, private web information gathering and news alert services for us. And in this day and age, that is a very good thing.

Optional Web Services
Navagent provides Navagent users customer support and update services using the web. But otherwise, you are free to use Navagent in complete privacy. Web services include web search agent development consulting for integrated business applications, new info agents, product upgrades, business agent suite subscriptions.

System Requirements
Navagent is a Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT compatible desktop application. (Check back for editions coming out on Mac and Linux platforms.) Navagent uses the OpenGL standard common to all PCs for animation display. Navagent graphics benefit as much from faster PC CPU speed as specialty graphics cards. A sub $100 graphics card in a fast PC delivers about the same performance as a medium speed PC with a G2 graphics accelerator card.

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