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Discover, Analyze, Summarize and Report

Penetrate where search engines leave off

Bring back any web file and preview

See all hits at-a-glance

Metrics and ranking the way you want

Be updated anywhere, anytime

Concentrated click-free browsing

Maximum fair-use content access

Easy to create and use specialty agents

How do you sort through all the flood of sites and web pages to visit?
You already use all the right stuff, you go to your favorite search engines, specialty sites, and portal search services, and your favorite bookmarks you revisit regularly. You may even use the advanced search features at the search engine sites, goodness forbid.

If you're a regular web user who uses search engines, auction sites, news sources, reads message boards, tracks stocks, or watches sports, or if you just use the web to download pictures or music files, Surf3D can supercharge your web life. Surf3D returns power to the people in web browsing. Surf3D is your on-line automatic personal web browser.

Just click to load it and go to the web site or results or link list that you want to selectively harvest and search from, and at a click you launch agents to get what information and media you want, and concentrate it the way you want it..

How do you use it?
* You can double click a prepackaged information agent, and use it while you're at the computer.
* Or you can let the computer do the work in its idle time, and you can see it work as a screensaver, watching real-time animation of the network you're searching.
* You can tell your agent what to do, and where to start. Then off it goes to find, analyze, rank, and format web content into personalized reports and alerts delivered to wherever you are.
* Or you can interact and use the 3D graphics to navigate to different sites and web pages. Surf3D is useful, time saving, and FREE!

Surfing the Tsunami
The Web is a immense resource of information and media content relating to many subjects, including business, entertainment, education, science, and religion. Improvements in browsers and search engines and portal and site directories have made the Web accessible to a large segment of the population. But despite improvements, the ability of users to readily discover, track, analyze, summarize and rank information remains more limited and difficult than necessary.

There is just too much good stuff we need to find. Search engines only get us part way. Portal subject directories only get us part way. Site search tools are very sketchy. You need to save time. You want privacy. You want reliability. You need to know when something particular happens.

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