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Company Profile

Navagent is a provider of search tools and services for both professionals and consumers. We provide businesses and individuals with the ability to search, visualize, and data mine the internet and be alerted to the results.

Navagent provides one of the most powerful internet tools available. Our professional and consumer tools allow for leading edge search visualization and mining. Leading edge in their effectiveness.

Navagent provides agent technology in the form of openly configurable agents. Businesses can use their normal IT personnel to develop whole new business and research applications at very effective cost levels.

Navagent was incorporated in 2000 to develop right brain network navigation tools for consumers and business use.

Navagent technology helps web users streamline many of the browsing challenges they face by taking a twofold approach:

(1)   using personalized search agents to
       automate browsing tasks and

(2)   using animated spatial information visualization to streamline the previewing large numbers of web pages.

Personal search agent technology combines with real-time visual data mining technology and web alerts and reports to any device - bringing to market a ready-at-hand consumer and small business solution for personalized web information search, retrieval, overview and alerts management.

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