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Surf3D allows power users to customize discovery and harvesting of information on the web. Navagent is delivering powerful search and data visualization software that empowers you to get what you want and save time doing it. We provide professional and consumer solutions for time-saving personalized web browsing, smart web crawling, visual data mining, site previewing, event detection, custom alerts, and content retrieval. Our products reduce search time by over 80% in comparison to what it normally takes you to click through and evaluate search engine results.

Use our software to supercharge your browser and any search engine on the net. Rank search results the way you want. Avoid following irrelevant paths, get visual overviews of many web pages at once, and easily customize search agents meet your own unique requirements. Our products readily integrate with your existing software applications or password protected browser accessible databases.

Solutions include the patent pending SearchOps professional intelligence tool and the Surf3D productivity screensaver. Users who can immediately benefit from Navagent solutions include:

  • Business managers, PR, market researchers
  • Engineers, scientists, educators, researchers
  • Lawyers, mediators, doctors, health professionals
  • Enterprise IT, administrators, webmasters
  • Government analysts, social workers
  • Researchers, librarians
  • Reporters and correspondents, news analysts, editors
  • Security specialists, law enforcement
  • Grant writers, congressional staff, political scientists
  • Sociologists, environmentalists, psychologists
  • Job hunters, designers, inventors, systems integrators
  • Auction sellers and buyers, procurement specialists
  • Musicians, graphic artists, galleries
  • What can Navagent information search and analysis tools do for you?

    3D Visualization of Search, Site, and Content

    Search & Discover - go where search engines leave off
    Retrieve - bring back any web file and preview
    Navigate - see all hits at-a-glance
    Analyze - see data in mult-dimensional metrics
    Classify - instantly sort hits into your own topic categories
    Rank - search results the way you want
    Notify - be updated anywhere, anytime
    Deliver - concentrated browsing reports
    Secure - fair-use content access
    Personalize - easy to modify and re-use agents

    Targeted for users in Business, IT, Engineering, Law enforcement, Legal, Biotech, Government

               Consumer Agents
               Professional Agents
               Financial Agents
               Search Engine Agents
               News Agents
               Commercial Site Agents
               Government Agents
               Specialty Agents

       . . . This tool is pretty slick!
      . . . I heartily recommend checking out Surf3D Pro and evaluating the opportunity for enriching your information services.
    -- Ernest R. Perez, Ph.D., ONLINE Magazine

    Surf3D: Search Engine, Screensaver, Software, Smart Agent by Ernest R. Perez, Ph.D.

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